Papier Tigre

  • Origin: フランス
  • Since: 2012
  • Founded by : Maxime Brenon, Agathe Demoulin & Julien Crespel

Why we love it ?

When three 30 years old people decide to combine their ideas to create well thought and creative correspondence products, we obtain Papier Tigre.

The name comes from a Chinese expression referring to something that appear threatening but reveals itself harmless. We find in it the lightness and fragility of the paper associated to the strong messages and values of the brand.

The brand products appeared in 2011 on the web and we can now find them in a Parisian shop, rue du Calvaire, if it’s not in the 250 others selling point located all around the world.

We like their inspirations from fashion, music, decoration or even graphic design, the objects are smart, colorful and always playful. On top of the initials notebook and paper letter, you can now shop decoration products which are always made out of paper, the predilection fabric of the brand.

All are produced in France and within respect of the environment, except for the wall paper that are created in England. It is only another reason to crack up for those dynamics and funny objects!

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